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Amsterdam, a beautiful riding city

One of the best cities to go riding on your bike is the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Amsterdam is home to over one million people in a small urban sprawl. The city is financial center and is also home to the cultural and creative side of the Netherlands.

The city has been given the nickname Venice of the North because the city has a series of canals which form a lattice within the city. The canals are beautiful and give the city a unique character.

Amsterdam was originally a fishing village but soon became an important trading city during the 17th century. The city expanded and the canals were constructed. The city was importantly named a world heritage site in 2010.

Riding a bike through the city is a wonderful experience, especially in Autumn where the leaves are falling and the sunshine is out.

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Amazon adds to it’s book portfolio

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world and it has dominated other retailers in the book space and those it couldn’t dominate, such as UK book retailers The Book Depository, it bought out.

Goodreads was created in the last few years as portal for readers to connect with other book lovers in a dedicated social network format. It popularity has seen it grown to an enormous 16 million users in this time. The network has proven popular with publishers and authors as it allowed them to connect directly with their most avid readers. With the connection, they were able to share their thoughts and ideas behind a novel and vice versa.

The network was becoming so popular that members of the network could make or break an author’s book. The obvious popularity of the network has attracted the attention of Amazon and they have announced that they are acquiring the network. This will be their biggest book site purchase since The Book Depository.

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Quebec – the history of a great city

Quebec is a one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists due to it’s multicultural environment and great scenery. The city is located north east of North America and covers over 1.6 square kilometers.

As it covers such a large area, Quebec has three distinct types of climates. To the north, there is arctic weather with tundra type regions. In the middle, there is subarctic conditions with taiga and to the south it’s somewhat humid with forests.

The area was originally inhabited for thousands of years aby Amerindians. In 1534, King Francis 1 of France took over the lands and in 1642, a Catholic mission called Ville-Marie was founded. Ville-Marie then became Montreal during the 18th century.

The economy was highly geared toward agriculture and forestry up until early in the 20th century. During the 1960’s there was a high level of migration toward city living which contributed to industrialization.

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Late night shopping online becoming more popular

When people come home from a late night drinking, the last thing you would expect them to do is go online and shop. Strangely enough, this is becoming a more common theme and it is noticed that those that shop late at night while slightly intoxicated are actually spending more freely.

A survey done in the UK showed that many British people shopped online after a big night and even woke up the next morning not remembering what they ordered or that they even shopped online. It was also revealed that clothing and accessories was the most common purchases.

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The challenge for bricks and mortar stores is to give consumers an experience that they cannot get online.

The eyes and glasses working together

One of the best creations ever in the history is man has got to be the humble pair of glasses. It has enabled people to go from being blind as a bat to seeing perfectly with 20/20 vision.

You may sometimes wonder how exactly glasses work and what it does.

When you look at objects around you, the light is actually reflected off the object and into your cornea and lens of your eyes. The image you receive is actually upside down and imprinted onto your retina. This image is then sent to your brain which then interprets the image correctly.

If you have problems with your vision then the most likely reason is that the eye is not reflecting the light correctly. The purpose of glasses is to ensure that the light entering the eye reflects correctly so that the brain can interpret the picture correctly.

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The iPhone 5 does not have NFC?

One of the strange things about the brand new Apple iPhone 5 is the fact that it does not have an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip.

Many keen observers noticed that the iPhone 5 had a metal back. This metal back likely meant that the device was incapable of NFC. There was also very little room at the top and bottom which meant that you could rule out the device having an NFC chip.

Many have declared that Apple do not believe the market is ready for an NFC chip and therefore decided to leave it out. Others have speculated that the cost of iPhone 5 plans has meant that the viability of including the chip was diminished.

Some analysts have even predicted that Apple are working on their own payment system and therefore do not want or need the NFC solution.

Going on a bike tour in Vermont

One of the best things you can do when you visit a new city or town is to take a bike tour. A bike tour gives you a way to easily cover a big area without using up to much energy, money or time.

Vermont is one of the places where a bike tour is something special. Vermont is covered in natural beauty and with a population of just over half a million people, there are more trees than there are people.

People venture to Vermont during the summer to experience a beautiful scenic landscape and during winter to experience a perfect skiing environment.

When bike riding through Vermont, be prepared to do a lot of riding. You will find that it is common to cycle many miles each day.

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The iPhone 4S underperforms

Apple has reported that last quarters sales of the Apple iPhone 4S did not meet the expectations of the markets. In fact, the sales of the iPhone 4S declined 26 percent versus the previous quarter.

Despite recording a drop in sales of the iPhone 4S, Apple still reported an overall income increase of 20%.

One of the major reasons for such a poor performance of the world’s best selling smartphone is the fact that a new version of the device is expected to be announced in the next quarter. For this reason alone, many people are holding of purchasing the current device since it’s likely that the device will be superseded in coming months.

Another reason for the decline is that the iPhone 4S did not sell as well as expected in China.

The device continues to perform strongly in Australia. Coupons can be used to reduce the price on Australian carriers.

Apple beats Samsung on it’s home soil

In an unexpected outcome, Apple has managed to convince a US supreme court judge to block the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US.

As part of this rare ruling, Apple will have to come up with a $100 million bond as payment should Samsung win the court case eventually. With Apple being the most valuable company in the world and one of the most cashed up, this figure is a mere drop in the ocean for the company.

Apple has long argued that many touch screen smartphones, especially those powered by Android, infringe on many of Apple’s patents. To protect the success of their iPhone 4S, they have gone to great lengths to block sales of popular products around the world.

Samsung are now finding themselves battling with Apple all around the world. It seems that the only people that are winning from all these are the teams of lawyers being paid millions.

Samsung to report record quarterly profit

Analyst’s are widely tipping that Samsung will announce a record quarterly profit on the back of the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. It isn’t all rosy for the company however with the European crisis denting demand and Apple launching an endless tirade of lawsuits blocking sales of their products around the world.

The company is valued at 170 billion dollars and leads the world in the sale of TV’s, smartphones, computer parts and a host of other products. The company has reported that it has stronger demand than it had anticipated for its flagship Samsung Galaxy S3 device which has resulted in a shortage of parts.

Other parts of the Samsung business are expected to falter later this year with TV’s and home appliances expected to suffer under the weight of recessions around Europe.

Fortunately for Samsung, they are a diverse and wide reaching enough company to come through the crisis relatively unscathed.

The iPhone 4S plans around the world

The iPhone 4S might have just achieved what no analyst or the public was expecting, it may be the fastest selling iPhone ever. When the iPhone was unveiled last week, the disappointment was felt in the room as well as on the markets, with the stock price crashing 5% during the presentation. There was also talk of it being the start of the end for Apple, especially with the loss of the spiritual leader, Steve Jobs.

Even with this negativity, it was always expected that the iPhone 4S would still sell well, but no one expected this well.

In the US, the iPhone is available on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. AT&T started the pre-order process on Friday with iPhone plans starting at $199. AT&T have reported that they sold out of their 200,000 iPhone allocation within 12 hours, making it their most successful launch ever.

Apple has not released any other sales figures, but if the AT&T launch is anything to go by, this will be the fastest selling iPhone ever.

The HTC One X is doing better and is the start of something big

Are you planning to buy the latest HTC One X? If so, it is very important to read this content. Here you will find some information on the basic features that are incorporated in this Smartphone. Firstly, it comes with an AMOLED plus touch screen that can crystal clear clarity for the user. When it comes to sharing, there is Bluetooth and WLAN to help you. You can also use the phone for capturing your special moments and memories with the 5MP digital camera in corporate in it. When it comes to navigation, there is GPS facility available in the phone that can help you in the navigation. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting lost.

Adobe Flash and the HTML feature of the phone helps in online access. Browsing is also quite fast in the phone model. Apart from these, there are also many other features that makes HTC One X the best.

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The new Apple iPad 3 is a great device

The Apple iPad 3 has reached an unprecedented level of popularity and we are spoilt with choice on how we purchase the items. There are many retailers, both online and brick and mortar stores that will sell the iPad 3 outright. There are also many of the mobile phone carriers that will offer iPad 3 plans.

We also have a choice of many different configuration options for the Apple iPad 3 which depends on your requirements in terms of hard drive space and communication requirements.

The Apple iPad 3 comes in three different configurations for hard drive space. These are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The 16GB is suitable if you only have some music and a small amount of movies to store. If you a person who will be storing and watching a lot of movies then the best option will be the 64GB. There is also a choice of Wi-Fi or 3G.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will make it’s mark in Australia

Samsung can attribute a lot of it’s success in the phone plans market to it’s flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S3. The device has almost single handily propelled Samsung from a third tier phone manufacturer to the premier manufacturer alongside Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best selling Android device of all time and continues to sell well in all markets across the world. Samsung have continued to roll out various versions of the device and recently announced a 4G version.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has performed well because it is a feature rich, affordable device. The device has some of the best hardware features available on any device in the market today even though it was released over a year ago.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a top of the range Super AMOLED plus screen which is vivid and bright and also has a very low power consumption. It also has a snappy quad-core processor and 1GB of on-board RAM.

In Australia, the price of the device has dropped markedly and Galaxy S3 plans are now as low as $29.

The IPhone 4S in Australia is going strong and is still selling well

In normal circumstances, if a smart phone device has been on the market for over 6 months, you are likely to see many deals around for the device on the carriers. This has not been the case for the Apple iPhone 4S. Even after being out for such a long period of time, you will rarely see any iPhone 4S plans around. The Apple iPhone 4S has been so popular and sold so well that all the mobile phone carriers have not felt the need to have to discount the product whatsoever. In fact, some carriers have even raised the cost of the product since it was released.

In Australia, there are four major carriers which sell the iPhone 4S on plans. The choice of carrier comes down to 2 main factors which is price and coverage. If you require coverage in the country areas then your only real choice is Telstra.